Albuquerque – Today, Governor-elect Susana Martinez nominated Edwynn L. Burckle to serve as her secretary of the General Services Department.  Burckle has decades of experience as a senior manager in both the private and public sectors directing program, small business, contractual and supplier matters.  His experience also includes commanding three military acquisition units while serving in the U.S. Air Force.  He also oversaw a company that provided facility maintenance and construction services at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In nominating Burckle, Governor-elect Susana Martinez stated, “Ed is a proven leader who will ensure state government is able to maintain high performance levels with less resources.  He will help administer to the budget in a way that maximizes efficiencies and makes certain we making the best use of every, single taxpayer dollar.”  Martinez added that Burckle will oversee the selling of the state’s jet.  “One of Mr. Burckle’s first orders of business will be to sell the state’s $5.5 million jet, which has become a symbol of government waste and abuse,” said Martinez.

Ed Burckle will ensure important and mission-critical assets are directed toward state agencies, while serving as a fiscally-conservative and careful manager of taxpayer dollars.  In addition, he will work to put in place a culture that makes certain the department is timely in its responses in an effort to make the best use of people’s time and state resources.  Burckle’s background demonstrates he is exceptionally prepared to serve as head of General Services having successfully led a joint venture maintenance company as general manager with 1,500 employees and having successfully secured billions in new business in the private sector.  In addition, Burckle has focused on economic development in New Mexico developing strategies that have been reviewed and endorsed by local governments, advocated for small businesses developing plans for expansion, retention and attraction, and is a distinguished leader having been recognized by numerous agencies and departments.

In response to his nomination as the secretary of the General Services Department, Ed Burckle said, “It is my honor to be nominated as a cabinet-level secretary in Governor-elect Martinez’s Administration.  Her directive to me and others has been clear: do more with less.  We must and will achieve the greatest return on investment in state government by prioritizing projects and working to achieve greater effectiveness on behalf of the state’s citizens.”